Hydrotherapy is a water based therapy designed to reduce pain and improve movement strength and balance. The Inform Hydrotherapy Program incorporates individual assessment, hands-on pool based physiotherapy treatment techniques and injury-specific exercises.

A variety of people can benefit from hydrotherapy especially those with chronic pain, osteoarthritis or after knee or hip surgery. The warm water provides a pleasant environment to perform gentle exercises that can assist in reducing back and neck pain. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, the water exercises help to offload painful joints and strengthen your muscles. Hydrotherapy is also a safe way to rebuild strength and range of motion after knee or hip surgery.

About the Hydrotherapy Program:

  • The program runs for 6 weeks and consists of 2 sessions per week at Menai Swim Academy taught by our experienced Physiotherapist.
  • An assessment must take place prior to placement in the program to develop an individualised exercise program.
  • Exercises are given based on your specific injury and they will be progressed based on ability and tolerance.
  • Sessions are semi-private groups of 3-5 with physiotherapist supervision and guidance to allow for optimal attention and feedback.
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